International legal English

By the end of the course, attendees should be will be able to:

  • Understand an use legal concepts and terminlogy in English.
  • Use reading abilities to understand different texts on legal topics.
  • Write well structured letters and memos in a legal context.
  • Understand conversations, talks and interviews amongst other legal topics.
  • Participate legal discussions.
  • Perform well in the speciality exam ILEC and gain knowledge of the assessment techniques for the exam.

Each session includes:

  • Tasks on legal concepts and terminology, introducing a new language, working on texts and audio material.
  • Developing language skills through reading texts, writing and conversation.
  • Focus on the exam: excercise the specific skills and capabilities required for the ILEC exam.

In addition, it is possible for applicants to prepare to pass the ILEC (International Legal English Certificate), an exam by Cambridge ESOL, developed along with TransLegal – the european leader in legal linguistics. The exam is highly orientated towards the legal environment and students must reach intermediate or advanced English levels.

The exam is based on everyday tasks that can happen in a lawyers everyday life at work. Successful candidates are able to use their English in useful situations, participate in meetings, negociations, express opinions clearly, as well as being able to understand and produce legal texts.

Legnth of the course:       80 academic hours (2 hours daily, 8 hours weekly – suggested)