High profile networking

Potencialize Su Red De Contactos

  • The Colombian British Chamber of Commerce has a wide range of commercial events, where companies will have access to information and knowledge from different leaders in their field. It offers a unique opportunity to expand the network of contacts, negotiating with other companies and with the main decision makers. The events are mainly characterized by addressing issues that affect the latest companies in Colombia and the United Kingdom. Attendees can be at the forefront with access to first-hand knowledge of the latest developments affecting local and regional businesses. The Chamber helps to organize different kinds of events, through the cooperation and assistance of more than 100 of the most important companies in the community.

International fair & trade missions

Alcance Global

  • We have developed strong international links through the International Chambers of Commerce and Eurochambres. In some of the main foreign markets, the Chamber of Commerce has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen relations.
  • Logistics and organization of the business mission.
  • Evaluation and identification of business opportunities.
  • Coordination of commercial agenda.
  • Presentation of the company and its objectives to companies in UK.
  • Follow-up via email and telephone to arrange meetings..

    Translation and commercial interpretation

    The Colombian British Chamber of Commerce has a team of translators and interpreters with experience in all types of documents and subjects. For this reason, we know that your documents will always be translated according to the highest quality standards. Our commitment is to understand your products, messages, and values in order to transmit them adequately to all markets in your local language.

    • OFFICIAL TRANSLATION: We offer our members the official translation service of legal documents, contracts, certificates, commercial documents, visas, marriage certificates, among others.
    • SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION: We facilitate communication in conferences, seminars, trainings and workshops so that our members can transmit their message to a wider market.
    • CORPORATE TRANSLATION: We offer our affiliates the translation of business documents such as technical manuals, employment contracts, marketing material, Web content and books among others.

    Opportunities and business contacts


    • The CCCB provides a list of business contacts for Colombian companies seeking potential customers, distributors and importers from the United Kingdom. Each of the contacts we offer is the result of detailed and specialized research in order to provide the best information to our customers.
    • Facilitate and secure communication between companies in the United Kingdom and Colombia. The Chamber organizes appointments where you will have the opportunity to create important commercial links and establish contacts.
    • The database will help you to initiate contact with potential clients in a more efficient and strategic way.

    • The Colombian British Chamber of Commerce gives you access to financial information from different companies and sectors nationally and in the United Kingdom, which will allow you to conduct a strategic studies of markets or potential customers in the two nations.

    Office space available

    Oficina virtual

    The virtual office is the perfect and efficient solution for the needs of those who do not require a permanent workspace, but all the administrative support that allows your company to provide the corporate image you have always wanted. With us, you have a prestigious address for your correspondence, personalized call attention, administrative assistance and the possibility of accessing the best meeting rooms and auditoriums.

    Access to our private offices, boardrooms, auditorium and parking lots (28 parking spaces for visitors) with our service, your company has the necessary support to develop specific activities and receive your clients in a business environment.

    • Local phone number dedicated only to your company (Optional)
    • Commercial address for use of the company in stationary, business cards and the website.
    • Independent professionals
    • Consultants and advisors
    • Small and medium businesses
    • Rental plans tailored to your needs.